Physical Therapy: Physical Therapists

Physical therapy, also called sports physical therapy, is a medical specialty that involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders associated with the musculoskeletal system, specifically the skeletal system. Physical therapists provide physical therapy services to patients with neuromuscular conditions that limit their ability to perform the typical range of activities of daily living. The most common of these disorders are the debilitating pain caused by injuries sustained in accidents, serious burns, and osteoporosis. Many individuals live with an injury or illness of some type for years without seeking treatment, and eventually the condition deteriorates to the point where it requires surgery or other extreme treatments. A physical therapist from Wright Physical Therapy clinic can help victims of these conditions regain mobility and function.

There are several types of physical therapy treatments. Sports physical therapy (ST), often abbreviated as STP, is focused on athletes and sports enthusiasts. Most professional sports leagues have physical rehabilitation teams whose main purpose is to prevent further injury or, in the case of athletes training at a professional level, to reduce the risk of injury and help recovery. STP focuses on stretching, strengthening, and the use of braces, crutches, or other devices. These specialized treatments help reduce pain and increase flexibility. Some of the specific areas of focus within STP include soft-tissue balance and joint stability, geriatric and pediatric rehabilitation, and balance and movement disorders.

Another specialized area of physical therapy is athletic performance. A PT is often involved in treating injured collegiate and professional athletes. Often, athletes seek physical therapy assistance following an injury, particularly if they are experiencing symptoms such as tightness in the legs, decreased movement, or swelling. The treatment program will include exercises and stretches designed to maximize an athlete’s performance and return them to top form. The programs may also include dietary advice to promote optimal nutrition and weight management. Programs for athletes can vary widely from minimal to extensive, depending on the severity of the injury and the athlete’s expectations for performance. You may need to check out this article: to get more info on the topic.

As PT’s specialize in a specific body part, there are specific techniques for performing each procedure. The most common types of physical therapy exercises involve deep-tissue massage, stretching, balance and stabilization exercises, and exercises focused on muscles or joints. A physical therapist can perform a range of physical examination tests to assess the severity of an injury and the need for corrective measures. Often, PT’s will recommend the first steps to getting back to normal activities, including rest, therapy, and exercise.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are not limited to the United States. Programs are available throughout the world to address back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. In the UK, there is the Physical Therapists Association who provides a forum where physical therapy professionals and patients can interact and share ideas and experiences with each other. In Canada, there is the Canadian Physical Therapy Association.

In the US, a referral to a physical therapy practice can be made by a doctor, nurse, physician, osteopath, dentist, or any other medical professional. Referrals to a physical therapist meridian professional are also commonly made by friends or family. In general, it is up to the patient to make sure that he or she receives treatment that is coordinated across the board by the physical therapy professionals. It is equally important for patients to be vigilant about the program of care, as poor management can have negative consequences.

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